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Garage Door Problems That Can Occur

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Garage Door Problems That Can Occur

Having a garage is a great way to keep cars safe from thieves. They also allow homeowners to create extra living space outside the home. But even with proper care and maintenance, garage doors can easily malfunction or cause problems. Some problems come about from obvious reasons whether it is age wear and tear or even storm damage. Other issues are caused by things that are surprising such as insects or birds’ nests. In either case none of these things are uncommon. Also, none of these things are non-fixable. With professional troubleshooting or repairs all of these issues can be fixed, and the garage door will be able to operate as normal.

Leaning Foundation

Over time things may shift that can cause a garage to start leaning on one side or another. Cracks in the concrete from overgrown roots can lift the concrete under the garage. A shifting in the roof or walls can make the garage slump from the top down. In either case, a garage that is not level can be dangerous. Standing or sitting inside is unsafe because at any time gravity can cause a sudden shift and there is no way to predict if something could fall. In order to

Garage Door Is Not Responding to The Remote

Everyone has experienced a time when their garage door not opening or closing. Either it will

not go all the way up or it will not shut closed. In some cases, the problem is a misalignment of the door or tract. In other cases, the problem is simply a malfunctioned receiver inside the garage which is not allowing the remote to work. In either case a garage door repair phoenix az can easily identify the problem and get the garage door to work again.

Unknown Problems That Occur

In some instances the issue is not a malfunction or misalignment in the garage door. Insects can cause problems if they are in the doorway or accumulation around the receiver box. Other times the problem is pests like squirrels or raccoon that have caused damage or simply are habituating in the garage in inconvenient places. In those cases, the issue may not require any repairs but the assistance of pest control or animal control coming to remove the infestation. In order to prevent the issue from arising again it may be smart to set traps or use pesticides. There are several natural remedies that may work as well if the concern is not wanting to use chemicals in the garage. In either case it is not enough to treat the issue. There needs to be a preventive remedy that prevents the issue from reoccurring.

While having a normally operating garage door might be considered a luxury to some, but for others, it is a worrying inconvenience. Regardless, most repairs are simple fixes. Others maybe a major project or require replacement of the garage altogether. Identifying the problem is the first step. Fixing the problem is the second. In the end, the garage that has become a beloved part of the property will does not have to be abandoned or forgotten. It can remain intact and fully operable with just a little care and maintenance.