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Benefits of Horizontal Wood Fence Panels

Benefits of Horizontal Wood Fence Panels
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A horizontal wood fence is an excellent option for a backyard or garden. They are easy to install and can be terraced for topography and visual appeal. They are also less expensive than vertical fences. However, they require regular maintenance. Rain, snow, and hot sun rays can damage wood, so you should regularly seal and protect your wood slats. Protective coating will also extend the life of your fence. Learn more about the benefits of horizontal wood fences in this article.

Less expensive than vertical fences

If you want a high-quality, long-lasting fence, you’ll want to consider a less expensive wood panel option. Black locust wood costs about $20 to $40 per linear foot. Installed, this material can be as durable as cedar but can cost a bit more than cedar. But it’s much cheaper to purchase and install than other materials. It’s also relatively low-maintenance, and it can last up to eighty years with little maintenance. If properly maintained, it can last for up to two decades. It’s also available in more colors and styles than cedar, which means you can always update its appearance if you wish.

Decorative post caps are another option for less-expensive fences. Post caps come in several materials, including wood, concrete, and metal. Post caps are usually $5 to $50 each, but you can also get decorative post caps made of metal. Decorative post caps also add to the look of your fence and can be replaced as necessary. For an even cheaper option, you can hire a contractor to install the panels.

Easy to build

Creating a wooden fence can be very easy, especially if you know how to use a saw properly. Before starting, make sure to put on protective gloves and glasses before cutting the wood.

Next, use a circular saw to cut the posts to the desired height. Make sure to work on a flat surface, as uneven surfaces will cause the boards to splinter. Once each post is cut, make sure to use a level before proceeding.

To ensure the stability of your fence, you can use higher grade lumber. You can also leave the wood grain natural and seal it. Wood posts are fairly easy to paint and can be stained to your preference. If you change your mind later, you can change the color of the wood. Just make sure to use a high-quality stain to protect the wood from UV rays. This will help maintain the look of your fence for many years to come.

Can be terraced to accentuate topography

A horizontal wood fence can be a beautiful feature around your garden or yard. This design adds a modern touch to your yard, while also lending a rustic twist. This type of fencing is especially beneficial for sloped land, as it can be terraced to emphasize the topography of the surrounding area. The wood panels on this type of fence are attractive on their own. In addition, you can customize them to meet your personal needs and taste.

If your topography is undulating, you can choose a horizontal wood fence. This will give your property a level surface, while a sloping area would read as imposing and busy. You can also choose different materials for your fence. You can choose a traditional style fence, which is popular along the East Coast. This style creates a polite boundary while still allowing passersby to see the home from a distance.