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Wide Plank Flooring Problems in Small Rooms

Wide Plank Flooring Problems in Small Rooms
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Among the most typical wide plank flooring problems is its tendency to expand and contract when exposed to humidity modifications. This is mainly because wide planks are wider than their length, which increases the likelihood of warping and bending. Even though there are various factors you may do to reduce these prospective troubles, you’ll want to keep away from applying wide plank flooring in your dwelling if attainable. To help make certain a long-lasting, gorgeous floor, keep a consistent indoor climate.

The Humidity of Installed Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring ought to be installed in rooms exactly where the relative humidity is between 35 and 55 percent. This level is generally ideal for most rooms, nevertheless, it can still trigger problems, such as gaps, squeaking, and cupping. To maintain these problems to a minimum, think about installing engineered hardwood as an alternative. The installation process is a lot easier with floating floors given that you don’t will need to use glue or nails to install engineered hardwood.

Yet another difficulty with wide plank flooring is its tendency to move. This tends to make it much easier to squeak, creak, and bow. This could make small spaces seem smaller, which functions against the modern appearance of the material. In addition, if you live in a location with hot air conditioning, the humidity can affect the quality of wide plank flooring. For that reason, it can be critical to utilize a moisture-proof mat to prevent your floors from shifting.

Wide plank flooring is also prone to gapping. Through cold months, it may be far more susceptible to this challenge than in warm weather. The wide planks are far more prone to movement than thinner floors, so you need to apply more glue to prevent them from popping. Keep in mind that you just must lay them parallel to one another and stay clear of the usage of grooves in the adhesive. In addition, wide plank flooring is susceptible to warping, gapping, and squeaking.

It Can be a Fantastic Solution

Whilst wide plank flooring can be a fantastic solution for many properties, there are a few disadvantages. First, they’re generally a lot more high-priced than ordinary floors. Despite the appealing aesthetic, wide plank flooring can also be much more difficult to set up in some areas. Unless your subfloor is correctly protected, it can cause a wide plank to warp. Secondly, wide-plank flooring is prone to gaps and cupping, so it might cause a floor to fall inside for a quite brief time. If you’re arranging to install wide plank flooring, you need to make sure that the subfloor and also the floor are appropriately acclimated. This is important because wide plank flooring is a lot more most likely to gap and cup. When installed properly, the wide plank flooring will give the impression of larger spaces and be more inviting. In addition, it can also add an exceptional style to the room. But be prepared to face a few of these problems in the event you use them as a floor covering.