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The Beautiful Beni Ourain Rug and Why You Need One

The Beautiful Beni Ourain Rug and Why You Need One
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Steeped in tradition yet minimal by design, a handcrafted Beni Ourain rug could bring together an entire room with its rich history and tactile beauty. Each rug is handcrafted in Morocco by the women of the Berber tribe with soft, neutral palettes which make it a perfect addition to any room it graces. If you’ve never heard of these rugs, here’s some of its history and why you may need one of your own.

Beni Ourain rugs were first introduced to modern interior design by a furniture designer who began using them to highlight his pieces, but they’ve been adorning homes in the Atlas mountains for centuries. They were originally made for utilization as sleeping mats, blankets, or furniture coverings but their traditional, timeless beauty is undeniable and they’ve found their way into modern design once again.

Each Berber rug is crafted by brushing and hand-spinning sheep wool onto looms, where the strings are knotted with another by hand to create the tapestry that makes up the rug. The color of each rug base ranges from bright white to a soft cream and typically has a contrasting stripe pattern throughout, usually a dark brown or black. Patterns on Berber rugs can be geometric patterns or plain lines and the color of these is achieved using only natural dyes found in the immediate region they’re made. Each rug and its pattern is individual to the person crafting it so no two rugs are alike, adding to its allure.

What makes a Berber rug so incredibly beautiful is the delicate art found between its threads. Handmade items always possess a certain appeal when one is able to physically see the human error in its creation and Berber rugs are no different. The crooked lines and imperfections remind the looker that someone took the time to place every single thread onto the tapestry. Patterns are passed down through generations and each new weaver makes the patterns their own.

Beni Ourain rugs have become so popular in modern interiors because of the versatility of their patterns. Clean, minimalistic design has recently taken over and a perfectly imperfect rug can add the breath of fresh air missing from a living space. Rugs are excellent at capturing sound and stopping echo in open spaces and the varying lengths of the piled strings on each rug give a tactile experience when walking across one. Depending on the climate each rug was made in, it could be thin and flat or soft and fluffy providing a necessary contrasting texture to metal furniture or glass tables.

If minimalistic, neutral designs aren’t your thing then there are plenty of other Berber tribes crafting equally beautiful Berber rugs in bright and bold colors. These rugs could provide the color you’ve been looking for if you prefer room accents to pop instead of blend.

With rich history and even richer characteristics, each rug provides a thoughtfulness to a room, an accent that marvels when you consider the complex beauty contained in its handmade creation.