Stanton Carpets Installation Guide

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Stanton carpets are premium types of carpets that consist high-quality wool which aims to provide superior interior style and value. Most commercial carpeting chooses Stanton carpets to beautifully modify their property interiors to attract more clients and potential investors.

Nowadays, many choose the likes of Karndean flooring, Stanton flooring, and the like to elevate the property’s look. It gives a nice ambiance, vibrant tones, texture, and color designs that are excellent flooring styles that transform a room into an elegant piece of art.

Stanton Carpets Installation Guide

Stanton carpet is one of the best flooring pieces you may encounter. If you aim to have it installed in your property, here is an installation guide and other information you can make use of:

Establish Specific Size and Pattern

In every piece of flooring material either for home or office, it is necessary to measure it with an allowance to give way for corrections and cutting if needed. Stanton carpets with special patterns should have the right measurements accordingly for a more smooth installation.

  • Ocular the area first before installation to secure the sizes needed
  • Choose a nice pattern based on the desired interior look, preferred theme, and the like
  • Check the appropriateness of materials to the nature of the property (household, commercial space, office, etc.) to ensure the maintenance need to prolong the high-quality of the product

Use Only Trustworthy Materials For Cutting and Measuring

In any installation regardless of Stanton, Karndean looselay, and other high-grade flooring materials, always use quality cutting materials. This way, you are guaranteed that your flooring item would not get damaged in case there is a need to trim it.

This works the same with measuring the material. Make sure that measurements are deemed uniform and accurate.

  • Cutting materials should provide a seamless finish to retain the quality of the carpet
  • Measuring materials must be widely used by installers to guarantee fit

Sealed All Carpets Edges

Sealing carpets edges is a must. This is to prevent it from tangling and snagging and damaging the entire material. For the ones being used as commercial carpets, it is necessary to check the hems and the seals from time-to-time to make sure that it would not hitch on other materials.

Non-sealed edges could be a root for occurring damages in the carpet. It dilutes the quality of the material and can even cause you more for maintenance or needed replacement.

Guarantee A Good Base Before Installation

Unlike shaw flooring, utilizing Stanton carpets need more requirements such as a reliable rubber pad. Rubbers mats are best recommended before the installation to ensure the fit and hold the carpet material in place. This way, the base can carry the carpet and prevent it from damage exposure.

Glues or adhesive are not all necessary when it comes to Stanton carpet installation unlike the process for Mannington floors and other vinyl types flooring.

Perform Proper Care and Maintenance

Stanton carpets should always be kept clean to lengthen its quality. There is no need to shell out a huge amount of money to maintain a good flooring.

  • Regularly vacuum the carpet. To remove dust and dirt, you must regularly clean the carpet to avoid fuzzing, bacteria formation, and other threats that can cause damage to the material.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning materials. Do not use bleach and other harsh chemicals that might affect the color and the entire made of the carpet.
  • Keep your air conditioner and heating filters clean, so the carpet would not absorb the dust coming from it
  • Do not keep Stanton carpets wet. Ensure water-absorbing mats to prevent the carpet from molds and other water-based dirt and stains
  • Hire a professional cleaner from time-to-time. Professional cleaners are trained and skilled in cleaning carpets, especially high-grade ones. To guarantee cleaning safety for your carpets, opt to hire a professional cleaner at least once or twice per year. You can also ask them tips on how to take good care of your carpet flooring.
  • Blot, instead of rub, accidental spills on the carpet. Use paper towels or any absorbent cloth when cleaning it
  • Always use clean water when wiping or cleaning the carpet


Stanton carpets are good investments that can elevate the ambiance of your home or office. It gives you value for your money, comfort, and the promise to be able to use the products in a longer period.

Taking excellent care of your carpet is one way of shying away from unnecessary expenditures that can put a dent on your bag. Use only materials that are appropriate for its kind and avoid the ones that have harsh chemicals.