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Secret Gems of a Great Place to Retire in Florida

Secret Gems of a Great Place to Retire in Florida
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There is a little gem in Florida that is not very well known. There are no t-shirt shops here. There is no traffic to talk about even though the traffic gets heavier when the snowbirds return. Even so, congestion is not possible. The city is ancient, but there is a lot to do.

Where am I talking about? The secret gem is a small town called Homosassa. Homosassa is located about an hour north of Tampa on the Natural Beach in Citrus County.

A small town called Homosassa

Natural Beach is filled with nature. The biggest attraction here is the Homosassa Springs State, Wildlife Park. Here you can learn all about manatees, large mammals found here throughout the year, but come in large numbers to live in warm river waters during winter. There are many guided tours to take you swimming with manatees. This gentle giant is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Water Attraction

Although small in stature, you will never want to do anything at Homosassa. Very good fishing. Canoe and I think it’s good. Boating is very fun. You don’t even need to have a boat. There are all kinds of places to rent them.

Golf Courses

If you need a break from the water, there are many golf courses in this area. So much so that they have their own directory at the front of the phone book. In addition to the challenges of sand and pond traps, you will have other natural challenges such as crocodiles, caves, and cliffs.

Tennis courts

There are also many tennis courts in this area. Large tennis court in Citrus County. You can find open tennis in a number of places. All you have to do is come. If you are a more serious player, there are many USTA leagues. If you want to learn to play, find out where in the newspaper or by contacting the Chamber of Commerce. There are many instructors in this area to help you improve your game.


Birding is another hobby that is enjoyed here. A guided walk can make you a fan of birds in no time. There is nothing like seeing the Rose Spoon Bill, Sand Hill Cranes, Herons and Herons.

When you’re done playing, eating at one of the beachside restaurants and restaurants in Citrus County is a great way to try our fresh rock shrimp and crab.

If you are looking for the right place to retire in Florida, check out Homosassa. You will be surprised.