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How to Know if You Need a Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

How to Know if You Need a Dual-Zone Wine Fridge
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As an avid wine collector of both red and white wine, you might realise that your collection would need a storage unit that would accommodate the needs of such a special accumulation. Winecoolershop is one of many outlets on the market that specialise in providing the public with state-of-the-art wine fridge mechanisms. Henceforth, a dual temperature wine fridge would be the best option, as it allows for the perfect temperature for each type of wine’s cooling and proper ageing requirements.

A dual-zone provides the correct temperature zones

Many wine collectors of red and white wine would be racing to find a wine storage solution for their unique wine bottle collection. Henceforth, this special type of collection would require a wine fridge that specialises in providing different temperature needs required by each wine. In addition, there is some speculation about storing red and white wine within the same temperature zone. This optimal range is described to be between 7 – 18 degrees Celsius.  However, it is recommended that red wine needs a warmer domain of 12 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, red wine needs to be stored warmer than its cousin, the white wine, as it requires a more cosy serving temperature, similar to room temperature. In contrast, white wine is considered more enjoyable to serve in a slightly cooler fashion. Luckily, the perfect answer to this discrepancy can be resolved upon owning a dual-zone wine fridge.

Other features offered and relished upon

The dual-zone wine fridge delivers the perfect temperature solution and provides other much-needed environmental factors that will aid in supplying wine with the proper ageing process. Hence, the correct humidity within such a unit must work optimally. For example, setting it at a perfect 70 % level would prevent occurrences such as mildew and mould formation. In addition, if set too high can lead to wine corks drying out, which would contribute to the unwanted oxidisation process. Meanwhile, never place your wine in a space exposed to a frosty environment, as it would freeze the wine, pushing out the corks because of the pressure building up inside the bottle.   Another wonderful feature is that a wine fridge keeps bad vibration noise at a low. If wine is exposed to high vibration levels, such as the ones from a normal refrigerator, it can disturb the molecular compounds that make a good bottle of wine an excellent one. Moreover, UV protection is provided, as every wine connoisseur knows that direct sunlight harms wine. Even being described as a wine killer. Including an ultra-violet film inside the unit’s glass doors can ultimately prevent this from happening. In conclusion, wine lovers from all around the globe are celebrating this inimitable concept of a wine cellar all rolled into one unit, referred to as a dual-zone wine fridge.

Beautiful designs of a dual-zone wine fridge

In addition to all the required environmental aspects being met, a dual-zone wine fridge can be designed to transform itself into a piece of art, providing the house with additional artistic value. Some great designs include building a wine fridge under or within a staircase. Wine lovers have even installed them so that they become a wall-mounted piece of ethnicity. However, people have been taking this aspect to a whole new level by building a built-in wine room that can be best described as a “walk-in closet” without the clothes but showcasing stunning bottles of wine. And how about constructing your man cave into a bona fide exhibitionist room? So taking into all the features of such a wine fridge, take yourself above your imagination, and make it a reality.