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Don’t Ask Your Flooring Contractor – See What Flooring Type You Like

Don’t Ask Your Flooring Contractor – See What Flooring Type You Like
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So you’ve decided to finally place a new floor in your home or office? Great idea, now you just need to choose what type you like the most and call the pros to set it up.

Seems like an easy job, right? But it’s not! You’re thinking about one option and then switch to something else. You can’t make up your mind – all the options seem like a great deal.

In this article, we’re going to show you that every flooring option you’re thinking about has its own pros and cons. Based on these points, you might make up your mind easier. Follow up and read about every single one of the options you have, or at least about the options most of the companies are going to offer as useful for your needs.

What flooring types are there?

Depending on your wishes and needs, you can choose from the following: concrete, ceramic, wood, linoleum, and carpet. These are the main options. There are several others that are not as popular or that go by different names and are a combination of these. For example, the laminate is a type of wooden flooring. Let’s go over them a little more:


This option is not for in-home use. The reason for this is because it does not feel comfortable enough as some of the other options. The other options create a much warmer feeling. This is why most people use something like this for their garages, hallways, and places where they won’t spend too much time.

The good part of using something like this is that it is too easy to be installed and it is virtually indestructible. If it is not exposed to climate changes and conditions, such as hot sun, rain, ice, and similar, it can last forever. With it, it’s the most affordable among the options. See more about it here.

Ceramic tiles

The ceramic tiles are most often used in rooms that have the possibility to get flooded by accident. Toilets, bathrooms, utility rooms, kitchens, these are all places where water might get on the floor and make a damage to the rest of the materials, except the concrete.

The tiles are looking great, they can be made to create a really enjoyable atmosphere in the room. Depending on the sheen, they can go from matte to complete reflectiveness of light and with it, the user has the option to experiment and reach a solution that’s perfect for them.

Buying ceramic tiles is not the most affordable of the options, though. They are also easily breakable and if a heavier object falls on them, they can crack, and then replacing is a must. Another downside from them is that they can’t be used in the living room, the bedroom, and places where comfort is an objective because they create a feeling of cool. You can’t relax in a room of tiles unless it’s a spa and a masseur is giving you a massage.

Wood options

There are several different wood options, and we’ll work over them as a whole. There are laminate, hardwood, bamboo wood, etc.

All of these have one common disadvantage, and that’s – they hate water. Having a flood in your house, even a small one, means you’ll have to through the entire flooring in the dumpster. When they get in touch with water, the wood literally absorbs it inside and starts to grow making the entire place unusable.

On the other hand, it creates the best atmosphere in your home. Every Spartanburg flooring contractor will give you a wood option as most people decide to use it for their homes. It is the best option for those who are aware of the possibility and make sure large portions of water does not come in contact with it.

Another disadvantage is that is easily damageable. Every object that’s sharp enough will leave a mark on the floor by just going over the wooden surface. This is why a lot of the furniture you buy has special protection under them. To protect the surface from scratches.


Another option that is quite similar to the concrete we mentioned above. Linoleum is rarely used inside the house and the rooms where people spend most of their time, but it’s perfect for choice for the garage, for example.

Water does no damage to it, it’s amazingly easy to clean everything that falls on it, and it creates a much better atmosphere than the concrete itself, for example.

A lot of companies use it for their offices too. The reason for this is that it can take a lot of people walking over it without getting damaged. Unlike the other options, who might be destroyed too fast, linoleum is durable. Yet, it still provides the necessary warmth.

Don’t Ask Your Flooring Contractor – See What Flooring Type You Like

Similar to linoleum, companies love using carpet for their offices. The reason is similar, it is capable of taking a lot of action and still make the place look decent. When clients walk in, they feel like home and this is an atmosphere that all businessmen want for their clients.

Carpets are being used for homes too. They provide the best feeling of home, but have a couple of disadvantages too, just like everything else.

First, they are the hardest of everyone mentioned to be cleaned. It takes a lot of time with the vacuum cleaner to get through it. If this is not the issue, then carpets might the best solution for everyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. See more about carpets on this link: https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/carpet-vs-hardwood/.


These few options are the ones that are most commonly used in American homes and offices. They all have their pros and cons as we can see. There’s no best one. It is a matter of personal preference, so everyone who wants to buy flooring should listen to their reason and heart. That’s how the best decision will be reached.