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Did You Know That Vinyl Siding Costs Much Less Than Other Siding Materials?

Did You Know That Vinyl Siding Costs Much Less Than Other Siding Materials?
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Are you one of those who plan to build your dream house, or may be needs to do a major renovation on your home but is on a limited budget? If you are someone who is looking for ways on how to cost-cut yet have a beautiful home, searching for the most affordable materials for your home is one major factor to keep expenses within the budget. Prices on almost everything have been increasing nonstop, so you would want to make the best deals in building or renovating your home. Starting off with the exterior of your home, choosing which siding to use is important. There are vinyl siding, aluminum siding, masonite siding, brick or stone siding, Stucco, cedar shakes, synthetic siding, clapboard siding, and a lot more. But if you are particularly on a tight budget and would want something durable and yet affordable, choosing a vinyl siding may be the best choice. It has become a popular choice by many home owners because of its known price. Vinyl siding costs have allured majority of those who are building homes today.

It is true that vinyl siding costs cheaper than other siding materials. A typical siding costs as low as $4/sq. ft. This is when the job is done by the homeowner himself. If let’s say a contractor is hired to do the job, it can increase to about $7/square foot. There are times when home owners find fabulous deals of $1/square foot. Although, the quality may be questionable if the price is that low. Vinyl siding costs are fairly low because other materials such as cedar can cost you as high as double. The cheapest material next to vinyl would be metal, then wood, and lastly stucco. Every home owner should keep in mind though, that although it is generally cheaper, the price of the material is not the only consideration. There are many other expenses that come along in working on home exteriors. For instance, besides the vinyl siding, one would have to set aside a budget for the builder’s permit, garbage rental, cost in old siding removal, starter strip, outlets, shutters, and many more. These may be terms not everyone is familiar with but in construction, these are important factors which should be included in the budget.

Regardless of additional expense, as a whole, vinyl siding is a good choice for someone who is up to building a brand new home or simply keeping his home in good shape, and is on a budget. Also, what makes vinyl stand out is that besides the fact that vinyl siding costs much less than other materials, there are also so many beautiful styles and colors available for every home owner to choose from. Unlike during the early 90s when there were such limited options, manufacturers have now created a wider range of choices. Since home owners really want the best for their homes, good aesthetics is a wonderful bonus to the outcome of the home. What would be greater than having a sturdy, beautiful, and cost-friendly home?