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6 Staircase Models For Limited Space In Minimalist Homes

6 Staircase Models For Limited Space In Minimalist Homes
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Houses with 2 floors that have limited land are common and can often be found in houses located in densely populated cities. Some of the causes of this are the increasingly limited land for housing and the price is soaring.

Even though many of you think that a house with limited land is not comfortable to live in, actually this sense of comfort is present because you may not know the trick for a small house interior to make it comfortable and truly ideal.

One of the tricks that you can try to make your 2-storey minimalist house feel more comfortable and free is to determine the right staircase design in a narrow house. In general, the staircase design has a large size and instead takes up a lot of corners and space.

There are several alternative models of stairs that you can certainly choose from. Usually, for a minimalist home, the stairs used are in the form of straight stairs or winding stairs. These two stairs are perfect if they are built with the right design. One of the abilities that friends must have when having a minimalist home is to be more thorough and careful so that all the interior of the house remains comfortable.

Therefore, this time Vira will discuss and share inspiration for a minimalist 2-storey staircase model that is still beautiful and functional even in a narrow space.

Minimalist Spiral Staircase Model

6 Staircase Models For Limited Space In Minimalist Homes

This spiral staircase or circular staircase has childhood memories for friends because this ladder is usually found in grandma’s house or old house and is a link to the attic or place to dry clothes.

Even so, the use of spiral staircases is still popular among people who have minimalist home designs. This spiral staircase is very effective for efficient space in a narrow minimalist home.

To bring an elegant impression to this spiral staircase, you can choose paint colors with minimalist colors or masculine colors like black, silver, or white. Well, Vira recommends using high-quality iron so that your ladder has the strength capacity that can support a lot of daily loads!

But you also have to be careful when using this spiral staircase, it is not uncommon for people to take the wrong steps because they are confused with a circular staircase.Always pay attention to the footrests and use the banister so that safety is guaranteed.

Minimalist Curved Staircase Model

6 Staircase Models For Limited Space In Minimalist Homes

If you feel it is not possible to use a spiral staircase for various model considerations and reasons. Curved stairs can be a choice for friends.

The curved ladder model at first glance will resemble the letter L, it’s just that the corners will look softer because of the curves. To outsmart the impression of a room that looks more flexible, use an iron trellis that is the same distance between the other trellises.

Minimalist Straight Staircase Model

6 Staircase Models For Limited Space In Minimalist Homes

For other inspiration so that the stairs in a minimalist home don’t take up a lot of space, you can use stairs that are not too wide. A ladder that can be traversed alone or only by one person is very sufficient for the use of stairs in a minimalist home. By adding a steep slope, your minimalist home will feel more flexible.

Even though at first glance this straight-shaped minimalist home ladder looks like a portable folding ladder or bamboo ladder that is usually used by builders, by combining the ladder using the right paint color, this ladder model will certainly look more modern and also look contemporary.

The straight ladder model can be combined with a handrail or without a handle. Now if you choose a ladder model without a handle, this house is suitable for people who are teenagers to adults. If you have toddlers and old family members, you should be accompanied or accompanied when going up this straight staircase.

Minimalist House Ladder Model In The Form Of Cantilever

6 Staircase Models For Limited Space In Minimalist Homes

This cantilevered ladder is usually floating or appears to be hanging. Although this type of ladder doesn’t float. The stairs that look sturdy are caused by the supports on the side of the stairs.

To create a more luxurious impression on the interior of the house. This cantilever-shaped staircase offers several types and also a choice of materials that you can customize yourself with your friend’s minimalist two-story home interior.

Some of the material choices that you can use are stairs covered with wood so that it can create a very comfortable home impression. Apart from wood, you can also choose stairs from metal, and also by using glass material.

This glass staircase model can give a light impression to the interior of the house. But you also have to be extra careful because this type of ladder is not necessarily suitable for all homes. This glass staircase is suitable when combined with white walls. 

Minimalist Home Ladder Model As Well As Storage

6 Staircase Models For Limited Space In Minimalist Homes

The characteristic of a minimalist home is to optimize the function of all available spaces. That means you should use furniture that has multiple functions. So that’s why the choice of a multifunctional ladder can be an attractive option for a ladder in your friend’s minimalist two-story house.

A multifunctional ladder that you can use, namely a ladder that can be used as a place to store various items, such as books or drink bottles. Also, stairs that can store various items can give the impression of a warm and friendly room.

Even though it is narrow, you can take the stairs that are stored at the same time look aesthetically pleasing, for example by combining elements of wood panels on the footings and also dark iron trellises.

Or you can also design it uniquely like for example the stairs in the picture above. This ladder consists of two rows of stairs that have different heights, which is unique, plus it can be used as a storage rack under the stairs. But of course, because the height of the stairs is different, it will be a little dangerous for small children under the age of seven to climb.

Minimalist Elbow Staircase Model

6 Staircase Models For Limited Space In Minimalist Homes

This ladder model is unique, besides its mini size, the angled shape of this staircase only has a slight curve and is very fitting to be a ladder that can save space but with an anti-mainstream shape. This mini but elbow staircase can only be passed by one person.

Another thing about the uniqueness of this staircase is the design that looks floating because this angled staircase uses a frame similar to a spiral staircase but only differs in shape.

Make sure the iron that you choose for this type of ladder is sturdy iron to ensure that this ladder can support your body weight.

So how have you decided what kind of ladder model you want to choose? If you are still in doubt, there are a few more tips that you need to know so that the stairs in a minimalist home don’t make the room feel cramped.

Friends need to avoid concrete material on stairs because a house with a narrow size is not suitable for using concrete material which will take up a lot of space. Then you also have to make sure the length and width of the stairs are efficient in the sense that the occupants of the house can pass them and don’t make the house feel stuffy.

Next, make sure the distance between the steps on the ladder model at your friend’s house feels right to be stepped on, this is done for the element of comfort when using the stairs. For other safety reasons, also consider the level of incline or steepness of the stairs. If it is going to be steep enough to save space, you should add a railing so that people can cross the stairs safely.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the bottom of the stairs, for a minimalist house, the space under the stairs is perfect for storage.