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3 Things to Consider When You Want to Renovate Your Home

3 Things to Consider When You Want to Renovate Your Home
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Home renovation that has been inhabited for decades sometimes makes family members feel bored and want to replace all kinds of furniture or wall paint in the home. It may be a natural thing to create a fresher home concept and make all family members feel more at home in the house.

However, when you want to do a home renovation, there are several things that you should consider, including:

New designs to be implemented

Before you do a renovation, first consult the renovation design that you will apply to both the exterior and interior of the home to a builder and interior expert. You can contact these experts using the contacts of your colleagues or find out about their advertisements from local newspapers or online media. Thus, the layout of the furniture or other components that must be changed later will not bother you.

Cost estimation

When you have determined a new design that will be applied to the old residence or a list of areas that you want to improve, you must be able to determine the estimated costs that you will spend during the repair process.

The budget list that you compile must include shopping for materials (cement, ceramics, etc.), the cost of services for craftsmen or people you trust to renovate your house, the cost of installing or excavating several areas needed to repair home facilities (for example, making a swimming pool. or indoor gym area), and other estimated costs.

You can also consult the estimated cost you make with an interior and exterior building expert, especially to prevent you from swelling your budget when due to renovations, there are several house components that need to be replaced.

Bank Loan or not

When you want to make repairs to your home, another thing you need to consider is the preparation of grants that need to be prepared when the budget you have is lacking. You can ask several banks for information if you want to apply for a loan in order to renovate the old house you have.

Regarding this, what you have to pay attention to is whether there will be any guarantees that you must provide to the bank. Also, ask the bank you are referring to what percentage of interest you have to pay each month and the calculation of the determined interest (fixed or volatile interest). If you want to apply for a loan from the bank for home improvement, ask for the minimum and maximum tenor that you can take so that you can have an estimated pay period with the total income you have. By paying attention to the things above, the home renovation plan will run smoothly and quickly.