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3 Roof Care Tips

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You may not think about the health of your home’s roof too often, but if it ever fails, you will notice. The roof is an integral part of your home. In conjunction with the walls, it helps keep rain, the sun’s rays and howling winds outside. The lifespan of a roof depends on its materials. A quality roof can last 15-30 years. If your roof is starting to show signs of being tattered, like leaking buckets of water into your kitchen, enlisting the services of frisco roofers, for example, is your best move.

If your roof is still holding its own, here are three roof care tips.

Keep it Clean

Before the seasons change, and when weather permits, consider climbing up on your roof to clean it up. If you spot moss, get rid of it. Moss traps water and that moisture will eventually damage your roof. Moss that has only started to grow can be swept off. Moss that has sat around longer may require the removal services of professionals. While you are on top of your house, take a look at the gutters, too. Clogged gutters can lead to paint damage and leaked water into your basement as well as rot. Rot that spreads to your roof leads to expensive repair damages that can easily be prevented.

Trim Tree Branches

Tree branches that hang over your roof are likely to drop leaves onto it. As harmless as leaves may seem, when they start to pile up, bugs may use them as their new home. Leaves also trap moisture, rot and create an environment where weed can grow. Leaves are beautiful, fun and a sign of the changing seasons. They do not belong on your roof, though. The wind may blow some in that general direction, but the best way to avoid leaf piles on your roof is to trim surrounding tree branches.

Visual Inspections

If you get into the habit of inspecting your roof, chances are higher that you will prevent expensive repairs. When you climb to the top of your home and have cleaned the area, look for broken, missing and warped shingles. In addition to visual inspections, pay attention that what you hear. If you hear noises coming from the roof, take the time to find their source.

Cleaning, trimming tree branches and visual inspections help keep your home’s roof healthy longer.