I found the place about three months ago and after a few weeks I talked the previous owner down to the price that I was willing to pay. It needs a little bit of tender loving care, but I figure that I am going to be able to turn a profit on the place if and when I decide to sell it. I have only done a couple of things and one of them was unnecessary. Jean decided that place needed a set of orange county shutters, which she picked out without any consultation from me. Of course I did not fight her on it, you have to pick your battles in the field of marriage and this is not the hill I want to die upon. It just is not that big of a deal. Of course when I finished installing them she had a very smug look on her face and seemed incredibly pleased with herself. I did not admit it, but she had been right. However it obviously was not the thing that needed to be done right now.

In most aspects this place is really close to perfect for us, although for Jean is a lot more perfect than it is for me because the location is within literally two minutes of her job by car. She is over the moon since she used to need half an hour to get there every morning. She has been coming home to eat lunch, because it is so close and even closer than any of the shops near here where you can eat. Those places are within walking distance of us, but the house is in between them and her job. I got a much better commute from this too, but not nearly as great a deal as she did.

Jen Richardson