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6 Tips To Save When Buying Furniture Contrary to popular belief, it does not have to cost you big sum of cash when furnishing the house and it doesn’t indicate that compromising on quality is totally fine just to save money. As you read this article, we will be covering top tips that can be used on how you can save money when buying furniture pieces and at the same time, on how you can make each purchase last longer. Tip number 1. Always buy on outlet stores – the simplest and fastest way to spend huge sum of money on furniture is by walking in a department store showroom and purchase the first furniture you see. Well, when buying furniture, you are going to have to drive out of town for a bit and search for warehouse outlets where you can buy the same item but for a discounted price. Tip number 2. Shop at the end of quarter or month – this is the time when dealers are making efforts to make room for new furniture or to hit their sales quota, which is the reason why this is included in the list. You can actually take advantage of this to save and negotiation for a better deal.
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Tip number 3. Nothing’s wrong in negotiating – let’s just face the fact that making bargains on well known companies is just impossible however, doing such on local furniture warehouse can. It will be recommended to ask the sales clerk for deals like including a small centerpiece if you are buying a living room set or even throwing in the fabric stain treatment at no charge. After all, it does not hurt to ask.
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Tip number 4. Look for damaged merchandise – you can probably save big amount of money when about to buy distressed, damaged or returned furniture in the event that you have talents in repairing broken pieces like repairing upholstery, broken couch leg or get out a small stain. Tip number 5. Buy directly to the manufacturer – in case that you are living near the furniture manufacturer or factory, then you are bound to make immense saving by buying directly at them. There’s no need to pay shipping fee or even deal with retail markups as you’re buying right at the source. Tip number 6. Consider used furniture – whether you are buying from online classified sites or just cruising garage sales in a high end neighborhood, rest assure that used furniture pieces are very budget friendly. But as much as possible, do your very best to find items that are clean, well maintained and above all else. Always remember that reupholstering ugly patterns, painting over bland colors or replacing boring drawer pulls are possible.

Writen by Nathan Robinson